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What Do You Get With Serenity?

A manufacturing partner that you can depend on to consistently deliver

Latest Innovations

Provide your customers with the up-to-date features. Compete both in-store & online with MIB options, Interchangeable comfort and Direct to Customer Delivery.

Product Variety

Serenity’s wide range of mattress solutions are tailored for all sleep styles and preferences. We customize to provide you with your own exclusive offering.

Product Integrity

Using All-Australian made & sourced materials, we provide accurate and detailed descriptions of every element that goes into our products and their benefits.

More choices, Less hassles

Offer your customers unique selling points, it’s easy and fast

My Side | Your Side | Same Side

6 Unique Feels, 15 Comfort Options

  • Super Firm, Firm, Medium, Plush, Ultra Plush, same for both sides or different on each side
  • Changeable comfort at any time and as often as you like.
  • As your body changes, so can the feel of your mattress.
  • Improved customer satisfaction & heavily reduced return rates, change the comfort, not the mattress.

Innovation & Sustainability

Offer your customers unique selling points, it’s easy and fast

  • It reduces our carbon footprint you can fit 4 to one in a truck.

  • It costs less, we pass the savings on to you and you to your customer, it’s a win, win, win!

  • Personalized online ordering system

  • Direct to customer delivery option

  • More space in your storeroom

  • Box with wheels and handle for easy moving

  • Manufactured in Australia from locally made and sourced materials for quick delivery.

It’s what’s inside that counts

Manufactured in Australia from locally made & sourced materials

Joyce Foams

Joyce manufacturers the most innovative and highest quality foams on the market in Australia. VPF Open Cell Technology.

BHP Steel

Australian steel must meet the highest standards for approvals making BHP steel the best choice in pocket spring manufacturing.

Bekaert Fabrics

A world leading fabric manufacturer with a facility here in Australia, Bekaert delivers the finest, most advanced fabrics for our mattresses.

Boost your sales

Out of the box solutions, Australian designed, engineered & manufactured

Your Local Partner

In-house state-of-the-art mattress compression, roller and pocket spring machines. All made & sourced locally.

Mattress in a Box

Same Aussie made premium mattress delivered in a plastic bag, can now be delivered in a box. A innovative local partner.

Interchangeable Comfort

Your customers can choose from 15 split feel options, not quite right, no worries, they can change it whenever they want.

Direct to Customer Delivery

We make it easy, you place the order, we take it from there with customer contact, live tracking and proof of delivery.

Branding Options

Use our brand or your own. white label, and design your own mattress options are available, all part of the service.

Boost Sales

Use your leverage as an established retailer to compete with the online only offers, no container delays.

Explore the Serenity Product Line

We manufacture premium mattresses using the highest quality locally produced & sourced materials, so you can sell a product you believe in, the customer gets a mattress they love and we all work together toward a better future for all Australians

Serenity Branded | White Label | Private Label

Classic Range

15 Year Warranty

Unbeatable value with premium features & benefits, our entry point Classic range is manufactured using Australian made & sourced materials. This collection offers excellent value for money and delivers long-lasting comfort and support.


Performance Range

15 Year Warranty

Designed with health & wellbeing at top of mind, our Performance range delivers the support and comfort to relieve aches and pains, toward a better sleep and day ahead.


Luxury Range

15 Year Warranty

The Luxury range is an ultra-premium offering, that combines latest technologies with an incredibly luxurious feel. This collection offers features & benefits from both the Performance and Signature ranges.


Signature Range

15 Year Warranty

Our Signature range is export quality, in fact we manufacture this collection and ship to stores in China. This series competes with the finest, top tier mattresses in the World at unbeatable prices.


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What customers say

Amazing company

Amazing company with an absolute focus on customer service from matching you with the right product, informing customers about the technology and care behind the product and even through to the delivery. Communication was paramount and excellent throughout the entire process. An absolute delight to deal with this company. The product is outstanding in itself.

Tara W.

Phenomenal Experience!

We received delivery of the new Serenity mattress and we wanted to sleep on it for a few days before writing a review. Well, what can we say!

Hector & Sussie

Amazing nights sleep

Amazing nights sleep! As promised straight out of the box, onto the bed in the morning. Ready for a great sleep from the first night. Highly recommend to anyone who is about the bed in a box life! Delivery was quick and the driver was very helpful and professional.

PhysioLife Australia