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Available exclusively by prescription.

In the treatment of his patients, which always involves learning about their lifestyle, Dr. Haworth noticed a common trend in those who did not achieve optimal results. He found that no amount of therapy could make up for an improperly fitted mattress. With eight hours spent on a surface that puts undue pressure on the skeletal system, it is no wonder, he thought, that these patients cannot recover.

Years of practical clinical experience combined with extensive study gave Dr. Haworth insight into how mattress design plays into spinal health. Despite how it appears to an observer, sleep is an active process of recovery. The maintenance of health, let alone the healing of an injury, requires a surface that properly aligns the vertebrae. It must not be so firm as to place pressure on the shoulders and hips, and should support the waist and lumbar area with the smallest amount of pressure possible.

The Serenity Healthy Life Professional mattress series is designed to meet this standard. This product is truly prescription-grade; the result of a doctor’s desire to provide his patients with a high-performance sleep surface. In fact, the HLP mattress series is the only range in Australia with Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) class one medical device approval. This is the evolution of sleep health.

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The perfect mattress will accommodate both the shoulders and hips.

It also supports the lumbar area with the least amount of pressure possible. The Healthy Life Professional Range of mattresses have been scientifically designed to achieve this.

The ideal mattress should be able to fit the body, shoulder, hips and the waist to give strong support, so that the pressure in various parts of the body to a minimum. The Serenity HLP series mattress is designed to meet this standard.